Eric Holder Discusses Advancing Equity and Civil Rights In the Trump Era at San Francisco Policy Event

October 20, 2017


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Today, The Raben Group and The San Francisco Foundation co-hosted a conversation with former Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. about the unique ways in which California can address the most urgent social justice issues facing the nation.

Mr. Holder discussed a range of pressing civil liberties concerns, including immigration, criminal justice reform, and voting rights. “You have to understand that progress is not promised … we’ve got to find amongst ourselves heroes for this era,” Holder said during his appearance. “Martin Luther King said that the arc of the moral universe is long and it bends towards justice. Well, it only bends towards justice because people put their hand on that arc and pull it towards justice,” he added. “Now is not a time to retreat … Now is the time to advocate for the values that truly underlie this nation, for the traditions that make this country exceptional. We can do it.”

The event, which took place at The San Francisco Foundation’s offices, was the first in a policy event series launched by The Raben Group in the Bay Area, featuring national speakers and partner organizations leading change in their communities.

“As we navigate the challenging political environment before us, we’re delighted to have partnered with The San Francisco Foundation to have Eric Holder, Jr. — an inspiration and tireless hero on issues we care about in the national policy arena — share his perspectives with leading voices in the Bay Area,” said Robert Raben, president and founder of The Raben Group. “As California helps drive the nation’s political agenda, I’m eager and excited to see how we can support this work with our friends and partners.”

View the recording here.

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