Beyond Zoom: Online Advocacy During Coronavirus

Virtual Event


The coronavirus emergency and the economic shutdown are unlike anything we’ve been through as a nation. But that doesn’t mean the progressive movement is standing still. We’ve simply moved the fight from our offices to our living rooms and kitchen tables.

With COVID-19, we’re taking on anti-Asian discrimination, pushing for better health care access, protecting the incarcerated and immigrants, and working to stem a new wave of domestic violence. Not to mention our full progressive agenda from racial justice to reproductive rights. The Raben Group has been leading in the progressive movement for more than 15 years and we can help you keep up the fight with innovation and the best in cutting edge tools. Hint: It’s about more than Zoom. (Though it’s a great platform!)

Join leaders and experts from The Raben Group for an in-depth look at the best and most powerful ways to keep your advocacy charged up and your followers and members in the fight with you.

We’ll cover topics ranging from how to navigate the 24/7 coronavirus mediascape to the best social media and video tools and platforms for virtually replicating panels, rallies, town halls, coalition meetings, and more. We’ll also touch on ways for your CEOs, spokespeople, and artist ambassadors to shine and stay close to your base, and much more!