Meet Raben California

With home bases in downtown LA and the Bay Area, Raben’s California team crisscrosses every corner of the Golden State driving on a range of local, regional and national advocacy and awareness campaigns. Raben works across all of the key sectors of society — business, government, philanthropy, and civil society — partnering with our clients to craft and implement solutions that make a difference. From helping you build coalitions, to driving public awareness, to pushing the right levers to engender culture-changing movements as far-reaching as your aspirations, our teams are ready to work with you. We thrive on rolling up our sleeves to help you translate your policy or program ambitions into actionable initiatives — with metrics and milestones to sustain momentum.

Working with some of our nation’s leading Fortune 500s, at Raben, we believe business can be a powerful driver for smart public policy and positive societal outcomes. Whether through government affairs, strategic communications, or smart diversity and equity work, we partner with clients to help you get as precise as possible about what problem you’re solving for, and what, if any, barriers prevent you from maximizing your impact and get your message to the right influencers.

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Michael Torra, Managing Principal
Laura Arciniega, Principal
Francella Chincilla, Principal
Mark Linton, Principal
Anthony Pérez, Director