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Support senior executives in communicating Google’s message to Members of Congress and the public


  • Legislative Engagement
  • Third Party Engagement
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The Raben Group not only brings creativity and sharp, strategic thinking, but they’re also like a member of the team, always responsive and ready to pitch in on a moment’s notice.

– Ross LaJeunesse, Global Head of International Relations, Google

Google is the American Internet multinational that runs the eponymous search engine, as well as providing advertising and cloud computing services, software, and hardware. is one of the most visited websites in the world, and Google, Inc. is valued around $133 billion.

The Raben Group serves as one of the primary communications strategists for Google’s DC office. We work closely with senior executives and the International Relations team on public speaking, media relations, and writing for public presentations. Whether Google team members are speaking before a think tank or a foreign embassy, or in a one-on-one meeting, we provide them with the tools they need to convey their message in the most effective way.

We are a full-service communications shop and do everything from drafting remarks for keynote speeches to talking points for panels. We walk team members through the importance of effective messaging and our approach results in creative and authentic communications that are consistent with Google’s brand.

As an extension of our one-on-one preparation work, we conducted extensive messaging and presentation trainings for the Google DC office. We first trained the senior team, who found it so valuable that they asked us to provide the trainings to the entire staff. Our trainings help Google team members prepare creative and memorable remarks, produce compelling visual presentations, and powerfully engage an audience.