“For The Win” Podcast

There are a lot of political podcasts, but For The Win is very different. The new podcast, powered by Raben, won’t just focus on the latest news or scandal. Instead, it will talk about how to fight back — and how to win.

This means talking about how to fight voter suppression with Attorney General Eric Holder, our very first guest. You’ll hear from national figures, leaders of various progressive movements, and everyone in between. You’ll hear about ideas — big and small — that can help drive criminal justice reform, voting rights, gun control, immigration reform, racial equity, reproductive justice, and climate control. Our goal is to walk listeners through the major political and policy fights of our time, and then give you a detailed roadmap for how to make each of them a reality.

The hosts — Raben’s Yochi Dreazen, Elliot Williams, and Abigail Omojola — are former journalists, current on-air pundits, lawyers, and policy advocates from different faiths, races, and backgrounds. For The Win is a show with a diverse group of hosts and guests, and we’re proud of it.

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