Government Affairs & Policy Counsel

We Speak Policy

We help you shape and advance your policy objectives. In some cases, this means we use our ample, diverse networks and deep roots in government and public affairs to connect you to policymakers across the nation, from Capitol Hill to the seats of state and local government. In other cases, this means we help you take a step back to refine strategies and tactics or to develop and make policy recommendations that advance your goals.


We know how to advance policy — or if necessary, halt it in its tracks. Our teams have helped pass legislation and regulations at every level of government, have held members of Congress accountable to their constituents, shepherded top-level nominations in the Executive and Judicial branches, and ensured diverse voices are heard by decisionmakers. We can support you in developing a lobbying strategy, planning and staffing your advocacy days and fly-ins, and delivering lobbying training to your staff and members.

Policy Counsel

We work with you to develop the right set of policy principles. We then translate those principles into “Washington-speak,” educating and informing legislators and executive branch officials so that you can best engage their support. We monitor legislation and proposed regulatory changes every step of the way, helping you understand their impact, and assessing alternatives. We are strategic guides in navigating the political landscape as it relates to your specific policy issue.

Government Relations

We help you foster your own relationships in the Executive Branch, on the Hill, in statehouses, and in municipalities across the country. We know that effective advocacy is not simply showing up at the door when you want something. It’s engendering mutually beneficial relationships and becoming a trusted resource to policymakers and their staffs. From strategy development to intelligence gathering, from Congressional testimony to creating your own platforms to educate and inform, we can help you target the right people at the right time.