Issue Campaigns & Movements

Shifting the Culture, Changing the World

For us, issue campaigns are really about culture change. What is the change you want to see in the world? What does your campaign need at a particular juncture to shift the culture toward that change? There are a range of tools in our toolbox, including helping you build coalitions, driving up public awareness and pushing the right levers to engender culture-changing movements as far-reaching as your aspirations.

Campaign Strategy

Whether you’re trying to influence decision-makers or elevate an issue to a wider audience, we can help you get crystal clear on your precise goals, and tailor an approach with you that cultivates, engages and mobilizes third-party relationships, grassroots and grasstops leaders, and other stakeholders to build momentum toward your goals.

Coalition Building and Management

We pride ourselves on our expertise in building and managing coalitions in a way that brings together the right partners and focuses energy on shared goals while respecting the important differences among coalition members.

Implementing Initiatives and Programs

We believe a great idea is even greater when you can act on it. We can support you in socializing your agenda, translating policy generalities into specific outcomes that resonate with your stakeholders. We thrive on rolling up our sleeves to help you translate your programmatic and policy ambitions into actionable initiatives — with metrics and milestones to sustain momentum.