Judy Alterado


Judy Alterado

Judy Alterado is an associate in The Raben Group’s Issue Campaigns & Movements practice area. In this capacity, Judy combines her passion for social justice advocacy with her strong background in research, writing, and communication to help clients create and sustain movements for meaningful policy change. 

Prior to joining Raben, Judy was a research fellow with Stanford University’s American Voices Project, a national study of poverty and inequality in the United States. As a fellow, she conducted in-depth interviews, ethnographic fieldwork, and community outreach to better understand the challenges faced by low-income communities across California. Judy’s adaptive communication style and multilingual skills in Tagalog and Spanish were vital in the successful recruitment and participation of Filipino and Latino respondents in California.  

Judy’s commitment to learning by listening began in undergrad, where she designed and executed a semester-long community-based research project to study how social identities such as gender, disability, and socioeconomic and immigration status intersect to shape the educational experiences of Syrian refugee girls in El Cajon, California. Earlier in undergrad, she served as a legislative intern for a California state senator and as a legal intern for the California Innocence Project. Such experiences catalyzed Judy’s belief in the power of centering the voices of constituents and marginalized communities in order to envision and advocate for a truly inclusive and just society. 

A native of San Jose, California by way of immigration, Judy graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s in political science and minors in sociology and women’s studies. When she’s offline, Judy is most likely hiking, reading, or baking.