ramelcy uribe

Program Coordinator, Move to End Violence


ramelcy uribe is the program coordinator — or the “experience creator” — at Move to End Violence (MEV). At MEV, she works to support MEV and its partners in the movement to end violence to better align themselves with the movement’s values, visions of liberation, and the worlds we seek to birth. ramelcy understands her role to be one of asking difficult questions, jumping into growth edges, deep reflection, radical storytelling, and constant practice.

MEV’s work relies on the relational and execution strengths of the program coordinator to plan and guide values-based projects and events. MEV’s areas of praxis, including Language Justice, Healing Justice, Disability Justice, and Gender Justice, are places where ramelcy lends both her expertise and personal experience to support staff in deepening analysis and commitment to practicing these frameworks not only in their workshops, events, and convenings but also structurally and interpersonally as a staff team.

Most recently, she has held and continues to hold many roles in a variety of spaces: youth worker, consciousness-raising educator, freelance consultant, novice land-steward, doula, among many others. They have worked with Aligned Strategies LLC, NoVo grantee partners Sadie Nash Leadership Project and Girls for Gender Equity, Haverford College, NYU student groups, and the NY Dept. of Health. No matter where she is or who she’s working with, ramelcy invites vulnerability and tenderness, deep questioning, the celebration of Black womxn and femme’s leadership and experiences, and generous amounts of laughter into all of her facilitation.

Beyond MEV, ramelcy aims to co-create spaces that preserve, honor, and expand the brilliance and wisdom their community(ies) have to offer through popular education and healing justice frameworks. You can find ramelcy facilitating “Hood Girl Healing” workshops, Bronx-centered healing circles, co-leading a think tank space for organizers and facilitators, or supporting curriculum design at Brown Girl Recovery.