Wanjiku Kebuchi

Special Assistant to the President


As the Special Assistant to the President, Wanjiku works closely with Robert to provide support to all aspects of his work and fulfill a broad array of administrative, logistical and content requirements.

Before joining The Raben Group, Wanjiku worked as a C-Level Executive Assistant at PayPal Inc. Her extensive background in administration and project management extends over thirteen years, and her high degree of initiative, attention to detail, intellectual engagement in the work at-hand, and a concierge-like approach to working with senior leaders have contributed to her success in this field.

At Raben, Wanjiku uses her natural ability to take initiative from juggling multiple big-picture priorities to attending to the smallest details, she is a skilled liaison for managing the president’s internal and external relationships. She has had the privilege of collaborating on diversity initiatives with the many organizations and leaders dedicated to the The Raben Group’s core diversity mission.

Wanjiku graduated with a B.A. from Marymount University in 2005. She loves to spend time outdoors and is an enthusiastic environmentalist and animal lover; the result of a childhood spent in Kenya appreciating the breathtaking beauty of “the green city in the sun”.