Government Relations

Our wide networks and deep roots in government and public affairs can connect you to influencers across the nation, from Capitol Hill to the seats of state government.

  • Policy Development

    We work with you and your coalition to come up with the right set of principles. We then translate those principles into Washingtonspeak, so legislators and executive branch officials know what you need them to know — and act upon.

  • Lobbying

    We know how to move legislation forward in Washington and bring decades of experience getting things done, to your team and your causes. Our teams have helped pass federal and state legislation, hold Congress accountable to its constituents, secure nominations, and make voices heard with legislative decision makers.

  • Advocacy Campaign Design and Management

    We bring together unlikely partners who share a common goal. From supporting advocacy coalitions to finding ways for Fortune 500 companies and civil rights groups to partner on C-suite level diversity, we connect the dots — and the people — to create something better than the status quo.

Strategic Planning

At The Raben Group, we have a record of success managing strategic planning processes for organizations of all sizes over a variety of timelines, with courtesy, directness, insight, and a sense of humor.

  • Organizational and Campaign Planning

    We have helped numerous clients navigate change and growth by helping their organizations evolve to meet their present need. As part of the strategic planning process, our highly experienced strategic planning practice members help clients precisely articulate what success looks like, study their competition, define their competitive advantage, and prioritize the audience or audiences best positioned to help the organization accomplish its vision of success.

  • Fundraising Strategy

    The Raben Group has a unique constellation of clients and relationships inside and outside the Beltway. We’re plugged into movement-building nonprofits and foundations that make grassroots work possible, and corporations that prioritize doing business with social consciousness. Our connections to this scope of stakeholders means we can make connections for you. We help nonprofit organizations find new donors and ways to meet fundraising goals as well as for-profit companies looking to make the most impact with investments. We make our relationships yours. It’s matchmaking for the future of the progressive movement.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our firm offers the depth of perspective that only a truly diverse organization can provide. Whether you need a soup-to-nuts tactical plan to create diverse talent pipelines, a thoughtful and ambitious strategy for making your sector more inclusive, or to be recognized for your existing corporate social responsibility efforts, we deliver. We are seasoned veterans of diversity and inclusion best practices and implementation; you’ll have to look far and wide to find another firm with our deep roots in the Latino, African American, women’s rights, and LGBTQ communities.

  • Facilitation and Training

    Discussions focused on race, gender, LGBTQ status, disability, income level, education level and other elements of identity are some of the hardest things to talk about in public life. Raben has considerable experience working with clients to facilitate diversity best practices and training across organizations and leadership tiers.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    We bring passion and expertise to the intersection of business and social purpose. Like you, we believe in doing good work well and leaving behind a legacy of excellence and impact.

  • Pipeline Development

    We’ve worked with great organizations and corporations to ensure their workforces and products represent a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We’re committed to meeting you where you are on your diversity and inclusion journey, and bringing in and developing the talent you need to get you to where you need to be.

Strategic Communications

It’s not just what you’re saying — it’s who you’re saying it to, and how. Our communications professionals draw on a wealth of experience to create the greatest impact for your message. The Raben Group helps our nonprofit, foundation, corporate, and government clients focus on the critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills essential to developing and implementing communications strategies that advance an organization’s goals and mission.

  • Media Relations and Training

    From setting up a meeting with a local editorial board to getting your story in some of the most respected newsrooms in the nation, our team can help you hone your message, tighten your pitch, and forge lasting relationships with journalists. We also provide media training for broadcast and print interviews so you can maximize every press opportunity. We have a proven track record of placing stories and booking clients with national and niche media outlets, as well as tested expertise in media messaging.

  • Messaging and Social Media Strategy

    The diversifying communications landscape requires a honed message and a competitive digital strategy. Our team helps turn research, policy, and industry jargon into meaningful, salient talking points that can be used on everything from fundraising materials to press releases. We also build social media strategies to grow your audience and amplify your brand online.