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Media & Communications

Reaching your audience and amplifying your message to change and drive the conversation. It’s not just what you’re saying — it’s who you’re saying it to, and how. Our communications professionals draw on a wealth of experience to ensure the greatest reach and impact of your message.

Government Affairs & Policy Counsel

We Speak Policy. We help you shape and advance your policy objectives. In some cases, this means we use our ample, diverse networks and deep roots in government and public affairs to connect you to policymakers across the nation, from Capitol Hill to the seats of state and local government.  In other cases, this means we help you take a step back to refine strategies and tactics, or to develop and make policy recommendations that advance your goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Strategy, compassion, results. At Raben, we’re very clear that an effective DEI strategy is not about rolling out training sessions. For us, diversity, equity, & inclusion is really about driving organizational transformation. It starts with getting clear on your values — envisioning the kind of organization you want to have, and articulating the kind of culture that will nurture and sustain it. You then build the systems, supports, and processes that will engender that culture, which will lead to the inclusive, equitable, diverse organization you seek. Through such an approach, your DEI strategy is actually intractable from your organizational strategy.

We combine the richness of perspective of a meaningfully diverse organization, with tested DEI tools and approaches, and the emotional intelligence and deftness necessary to meet your people wherever they are on the continuum of awareness and engagement. A DEI program, done wrong, can be corrosive. We pride ourselves on doing DEI right.

Impact Entertainment

Stories, film, and art are our 21st Century weapons of mass constructionNothing has the power to engage grassroots audiences and influence grasstops decision makers like the arts. Our team works with leading artists, tech and entertainment companies, philanthropists, and NGOs to make change and influence public policy through compelling stories, films, and the arts.

Issue Campaigns & Movements

For us, issue campaigns are really about culture change. What is the change you want to see in the world? What does your campaign need at a particular juncture to shift the culture toward that change? There are a range of tools in our toolbox, including helping you build coalitions, driving up public awareness, and pushing the right levers to engender culture-changing movements as far-reaching as your aspirations.

Strategic Planning

An organizational strategy turns vision and intent into action and results. It is the tool you rely on to inform resource allocation decisions – the tactics that operationalize all else.  There are several key components of an organizational strategy, but it starts with the question, “What does success look like?”