Robert Raben

President and Founder


Robert Raben is a man on a mission – one that he has shared with the seventy or so people who have joined him in the unique public policy firm he created in 2002. As President & Founder of The Raben Group, Robert works to drive public policy in a humane and sensible direction; to bring diversity and equity to the boardrooms and think tanks and corporations of America; to create a fair judiciary and to influence legislation that will broaden civil rights, reform our criminal justice system, and improve education for all our children. And that’s just for starters.

Nearly 20 years of professional experience as an attorney, senior Hill staffer, and Assistant Attorney General have given Robert a nuanced understanding of both the legal subtleties and the political realities of the issues he handles. In addition, he brings an aggressively bipartisan approach to the firm, built during a highly respected legislative career that began on Representative Barney Frank’s staff and concluded with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde’s endorsement of his Justice Department appointment.

Robert served as Counsel to Congressman Barney Frank, with responsibilities including all issues relating to the Judiciary Committee, Massachusetts fisheries, and national civil rights policy and politics. The quality of his work on Frank’s staff soon carried him onto the Judiciary Committee itself, initially as Democratic Counsel for the Subcommittee on the Constitution. In that role, he worked effectively on choice, civil rights, equal employment, fair housing and immigration policy.

Robert then moved to the Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property, again serving as Democratic Counsel. He advised members on copyright, property and trademark law and policy, and issues relating to the Federal Courts. Despite his position on the Democratic staff, Robert soon built a reputation for dedication and legal acuity among Democrats and Republicans alike, through work with Republican members and staff on such issues as the omnibus patent reform bill, database protection standards, WIPO implementation, and copyright liability for Internet service providers.

In 1999, Robert’s reputation and effectiveness caught the attention of the White House, earning him an appointment as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General and, subsequently, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs. After a unanimous confirmation vote by a Republican-controlled Senate, Robert was charged with overseeing Attorney General Janet Reno’s legislative initiatives and handling extensive Congressional oversight of the department.

Robert is a native of Miami and a graduate of the Wharton School and the New York University Law School.